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2507 Knight Street Dallas, TX  75219   214-526-9100   gsballroomdance@gmail.comitle

Our Studio


Welcome to our 8000 square foot ballroom dance studio in Downtown Dallas. Featuring two brand new hand-laid floating maple hardwood floors, with neo-shocks installed for unparalleled comfort, joint health and over all best possible dance experience.

Nestled In the heart of an upbeat urban neighborhood, the GS Dance Studio features floor to ceiling windows with beautiful views of Downtown and Victory Park to help keep the energy levels high and vibe enticing while you practice.

The grand ballroom covers a lofty 2500 square feet to allow for almost limitless movement and freedom. The secondary ballroom is more secluded to provide a more private feel as it covers over 1000 square feet. For those in need of a quick break, the lounge is fully furnished with one of kind art; lavish seating arrangements, and decor as well as the basic necessities such as dressing rooms and Wi-Fi. The exotic lounging area alone sets the studio apart as it rivals some of uptowns best in terms of chic and extravagant. Hands down, we offer the most extraordinary ballroom dance studio in DFW.

Gocha Shorena offers a wide variety of classes that range from, but are not limited to;


Private lessons

 Available for those who choose to further their understanding of the art of Ballroom. Ranging from the normal student with a need for a basic grasp of dance, all the way to a professional in need of critique. Private lessons expedite the learning process intensely and allow for even more custom learning approaches. 


Progressive Group Classes - 10 Week Dance Program (Adults Only)

A mainstay in every dancer's agenda, group classes provide a fun and comfortable environment full of cheer, happiness, laughter, and education. A truly wonderful and enjoyable way to jump into the world of ballroom dance. The 10-week progressive program will take you from a beginner to an intermediate level. By class 10 you will be moving to the language of the designated dance program. You will meet once a week. Socialize with new dancers and learn to lead and follow. No partner necessary. 

Join us/enroll up to class #3. Thereafter, the program is locked for continuous progressive material.

Children's Group Class (Ages 5 -11)

We offer Spring and Fall Semester program. Classes are every Saturday @ 2pm. 

Wedding packages 

Help us help you fine-tune and prepare for one of the most important days of your life. With our assistance, the magical wedding dance cannot only be memorable but also can kick start that fairy tale ending we all crave.


Custom Group Classes 

Available for those that are in preparation to certain events, concerts, shows, etc. Popular among couples, friends, and first dates. Laugh, live, and enjoy the time with your partner all the while mastering a new skill that will last forever. Material gifts only last so long, a new skill stays with you and comes with the capacity to improve overall life satisfaction. 


Jive on,

GS Ballroom

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